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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 11:00 starts now. tonight the san jose shark get a big win 2-1 over the l.a. kings in overtime. we have the highlights as well as some fan reaction. >> reporter: the sharks really needing this game. they didn't want to go down 3-0 in the series, but they came out strong and played a good game. the fans were very excited and they won this one. it was very close throughout the entire hockey game. let's pick it up in the 1st quarter. this is the very first goal. danny boyle rockets this into the net taking advantage of an early san jose power play. the kings would score just a few plays later and that would be all the scoring in this game until overtime. let's pick it up in overtime
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here. sharks again on a power play just starting overtime period about a minute and a half into the overtime and then this. logan couture with the goal in o.t. here's what it sounded like. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: so the sharks getting the win, a big win for this sharks hockey club. i talked to the fans. you heard how pumped up they were. i talked to them as they walked out of the h.p. pavilion. >> team l.a.! team l.a.! >> reporter: what did you think of the game? >> awesome. >> three more! three more! >> reporter: so a good night to be a sharks fan. the sharks still trail the series two games to one and will be back for game four at the h.p. pavilion tuesday night.
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that game starts at 7:00. powerball fever struck nationwide for an almost $600 million jackpot. we had the drawing live here on cron4 news at 8:00 and now we're learning there is a winner in florida now a multi- millionaire. one san jose player was close getting five numbers only missing the powerball. the estimated $600 million jackpot is the powerball's biggest haul ever. the all time largest american motor was last year's $656 million -- lottery was last year's $656 million mega million game. a california highway patrol officer goes to the hospital tonight in a helicopter with minor to moderate injuries. we have the explanation why an officer and not cyclists were involved in the crash. >> reporter: this the aftermath of the crash. the chp motorcycle was destroyed, battered parts of it
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scattered along the 18200 block of marsh creek rote in brentwood. the officer was -- road in brentwood. the officer was providing traffic control for the amgen ride. the officer was traveling westbound driving behind this silver mercedes before 12:30 in the afternoon trying to clear an intersection for bicyclists. >> at which point the silver vehicle made a left hand turn and the motorcycle directly behind it and at which point we are still investigating, it's under investigation the two vehicles collided. >> reporter: the people inside the mercedes were treated and released from the scene. the officer who normally works in the oakland area sustained the only injuries, a concussion and solace races. the driver of the civil mercedes was not cited or arrest -- silver mercedes was not cited or arrested. the california highway patrol said the officer could be
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released from the hospital by sunday. another incident surrounding the amgen tour california race caused a big stir today, a bomb scare. police temporarily shut down an area of downtown livermore after a suspicious cardboard box was found in the area near the 2100 block of second street. the area was evacuated and the bomb squad was called in, but a local vendor claimed it was his box filled with postcards. tonight one man in custody in antioch after police say he's linked to the shooting of a 22-year-old victim. the body was found friday in the apartment complex of the 3400 block of hudson court. it was a vigilant resident that alerted police to a suspicious man in the neighborhood. the identity of the suspect and victim have not been released yet. we had a pretty nice day, lot of sunshine, clear skies over san francisco, no fog out there, at least not now. there is some at the coast that will spread into the bay. notice the camera shaking
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around. that's the sea breeze that's been pouring into the bay this evening and cooling temperatures. we're in the upper 50s and low 60s. most places, san francisco now 59 degrees, brentwood inland a little bit warmer close to 70 degrees and for tomorrow's beta breakers the weather looks great. we are going to see not much fog and say lot of sunshine, a few -- a lot of sunshine, a few patches of fog by 6 a.m. but mostly sunny by 8:00. temperatures at the start in the low to mid-50s and will warm up to the 60s around 10 a.m., mid-60s at the finish line on ocean beach with lots of sunshine. the sea breeze will crank up for the afternoon. temperatures downtown san francisco for the afternoon going up to the mid-70s, up 7 degrees from what we had today, warmer around the rest of the bay area, 80s, even some temperatures close to 90 degrees inland on the rest of the sunday forecast in a few minute. the national transportation safety board want to lower the
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legal limit for drinking and driving. the agency says it would save the lives of about 500 people per year, but some industries disagree with the new recommendations. lisa sylvester has details. >> reporter: if your blood alcohol content level is over .08%, then you can't legally drive a car. that's the current law in all states, but the national transportation safety board is now recommending the blood alcohol level for drunk driving be lowered to .05. the federal government says most drivers begin showing signs of impairment at a level under .08. >> alcohol impaired crashes are not accidents. they are crimes. >> reporter: we asked the prince george's, maryland police department to help us show how much difference there is between .08 and .05. so we enlisted our cnn colleague tim stoutsen berger. he is 6' 2 , weighs 200 pounds
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and had a couple slices of pizza several hours before his test. tim drinks a couple shots bringing his blood alcohol level to .05. as he continues downing shots, his vision is less focused and his eyes become glassy, but there are several factors to consider. tim had five shots in an hour and a half. that got him to .09. someone smaller would be intoxicated a lot sooner or if you're not used to drinking. >> you have time, how long you've drank, the amount you drank, stomach content and your body weight. so those all factor into how quickly you're going to get intoxicated. >> reporter: the american beverage institute is criticizing the ntsb recommendation say it could include a smaller woman who has had only one drink. moving from .08 to .05 would criminalize perfectly responsible behavior further restricting the moderate consumption of alcohol by responsible adults prior to driving doing nothing to stop
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hard core drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel, but the ntsb says this would put the united states with other countries that already adopted the .05 level. >> your short term memory is impaired. oftentimes your reflexes are impaired. that's why again it shows you down, so you don't have that quick response to go from your gas to your brake. you don't have the quick response if somebody jumps in front of you to serve to avoid them or to correct yourself if you do have to swerve. >> reporter: it's important to know this is a recommendation. it would still be up to the state to change the law and that will be tough. there was a fight a few years ago to lower the blood alcohol impairment level to .08. an out of control car mows down dozens in acro.
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>> plus we take you to the scene -- a crowd. >> plus we take you to the to the scene as investigators sift through a crash site.
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we're just hours away from this ar's beta breakers. you can watch it here on kron4 starting at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow. crews are getting ready for the 30,000 plus runners. all this week san francisco police have been reviewing their security plans. there will be uniformed and undercover police officers around the course and there are cameras set up at the finish line and start line and at hayes hill and there are changes to the sizes of any backpack you might plan to bring. >> that's the kind of backpack. this is the size backpack the beta breakers has always intended to allow people to have, more than enough room to carry water, a jacket, pants after the event, a snack,
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whatever. we're just trying to -- it's the giant backpack wouldn't be able to run in anyway and again it's going to be a judgment call, but basically that's the size. >> if police spot you with one on the race course, they will pull you aside for a chat. they just one the 102nd beta breakers to be safe. a big gun scare at the cannes film festival. look at 'em.
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as many as 50 people were hurt this afternoon after a driver plowed into paradegoers in damascus, virginia, during the hikers parade at the annual trail days festival honoring the failed appalachian trail in the town near the virginia/tennessee border. at least five of the six injured were trauma victims. >> the vehicle veered off the road on the right-hand side, started striking bystanders at that point and moved into the hiker parade where it started striking hikers, also struck a couple other cars before coming to a stop. >> one witness says that he was pushed out of the way of the oncoming car by a hiker and he turned and saw hikers on top of the car trapped. no deaths were reported. three people are still in critical condition after two passenger trains collided in southwestern connecticut and tonight we're learning federal transportation authorities are now looking into a fracture on the train tracks that may have
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caused the crash. we have the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: torn metal and haze of debris are the remnants left of two passenger trains in connecticut. several people were sent to area hospitals. >> it was pretty scary. >> reporter: now officials are on site to begin their investigation. they expect it to last seven to 10 days but do not plan on determining the cause of the accident in that time. >> our mission is to establish not just what happened but why and determine where to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: the accident occurred when a train en route from new york did he to new haven derailed around 6 -- de-- new york to new haven derailed around since 10 p.m. friday. two tracks will need repaired before they can be reopened. a long stretch of rail that tens of thousands of passengers
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take daily between new york city and connecticut will be shut down, but u.s. senator richard blumenthal sees a silver lining amidst the twisted metal and debris. >> i feel that we are fortunate that even more injuries were not the result of this very tragic and unfortunate accident. a big scare at the cannes film festival when a man allegedly fired a gun during live tv show sending anchors and the audience running for cover. the gun was loaded with blanks. nobody was hurt. police say the suspect is holding a fake hand grenade. it's been a rough couple days at the cannes film festival. earlier this week the theft of priceless jewels from a holts room were reported. we have a nice -- hotel room were reported. we have a nice evening around the bay area, clear skies, temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now. we're going to see warmer weather on the way for tomorrow, lots of sunshine
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through the day and temperatures beginning to climb. we will have gusty winds into the afternoon. temperatures up about 5 to 10 degrees. we'll be even warmer for the day monday with temperatures in the 80s by the bay, 90s inland but then all the warm weather comes to a screeching halt. we will see a cooling trend of that going through the rest of the week. tuesday and wednesday the winds will really begin to climb, will begin to howl and coming off the ocean and temperatures will tumble through the rest of the week. in the meantime a nice day for sunday, especially at the beaches. we're going to see fog conditions tomorrow. look for readings into the 60s and 70s for monterey bay with santa cruz one of the warm spot at the beaches at 76 degrees. we'll be into the 60s for half moon bay, pacifica, ocean beach 67 degrees, low 70s stinson beach and as i mentioned, an absence of fog. here is fog tracker midnight tonight and notice we're seeing just a few patches at the coast. it hasn't filled in as much as
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i was thinking, so what fog we do see overnight of here prett tomorrow. here's 6 a.m. here's a couple puffs offshore, but basically sunshine prevails through the day tomorrow for beta breakers and events around the bay area, 10 a.m. looking sunny. we will continue to be under blue skies through the afternoon hours with temperatures warmer than what we had today. look for upper 70s and low to mid-80s for the south bay. san jose topping out at 82 degrees tomorrow. we'll be into the mid-80s, evergreen, 80, redwood city, palo alto, cupertino and mountain view, warmest places closing in on 90 degrees, getting close to it for antioch, 87, mid-80s for concord, danville, pleasanton. by the bay where we get the sea breeze it will be cooler here, 70s bayshore, oakland up to 78 degrees, so almost 80, some 80s north of the bay valley, san
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francisco a nice day with a high of 73. here's the seven-day around the bay, here's how it plays out through the weekend into next week, warmer tomorrow, warmer still monday, then the sea breeze tuesday and wednesday coming our way and temperatures will be sharply cooler both days. i think we'll stay on the cooler side through the rest of the week into next weekend with highs generally in the 60s by the bay, 70s inland. the wait is fine over for hundreds of bay -- finally over for hundreds of bay area resident badly in need of dental care. there is a free clinic at the san jose convention center over the weekend. as kron4 mike pelton shows us, hundreds are willing to wait to fix their teeth. >> for years and years constantly getting teeth broken. >> reporter: this year he does need a dentist to fix it. >> it's thousands of dollars. >> reporter: ron is among
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hundreds of people turned patients at the free dental clinic in san jose. >> i'm having two extractions. >> it stopped me from going and getting a job and getting interviewed because i'm as afraid to smile. >> we've got cleaning -- always afraid to smile. >> we've got cleanings, fillings, extractions we're doing. >> reporter: this is put on in part by the california dental association. >> many patients are here they tell me because they either lost dental korn during the recession or they were impacted when -- coverage during the recession or they were impacted when the state cut dentical. you got cut from that? >> yeah. right in the middle of when my teeth needed pulled out. >> reporter: the long line stretched around the convention center. >> we might take shifts. >> reporter: because the line is incredibly long. >> yeah. yeah. >> i'm not leaving. >> it's too long. >> reporter: but also too important for many to pass up like kim allen who can't quite
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speak after her tooth extraction but can still answer when asked if it was worth the wait. glad you got it done? >> yes. >> reporter: this event runs through sunday night, but organizers tell me demand is so high they will likely have to begin turning people away. if you cannot make it down to san jose for this dental clinic, the next free dental clinic is in san diego in september. bay area baseball highlights next. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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star trek fans, it's a pretty big weekend for you at the movies. >> reporter: director j.j. abrams is back at the helm in the next chapter of the starship enterprise in star trek into darkness. >> darkness is coming. >> this could just be the beginning. >> captain kirk takes on a dangerous mission leading his ship and his crew into a war zone. >> the choices you make could get yourself and of -- everyone under your command killed. >> they have to get through a powerful villain with his sights set on mass destruction. >> you think you're safe. you are not. >> star trek into darkness is rated pg13. giants didn't fare too well
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against the rockies tonight losing 2-10 against colorado. the rockies beat the giants for the second straight time with a 10-9 win last night. giants play the washington nationals monday. in a soldout oakland coliseum a's beat the kansas city royals 2-1 today. they play the royals again tomorrow in oakland. former u.s. open champ ken venturi has died just days after he was inducted into the world's golf hall of fame. i had a chance to chat with him at the fry' open recently. >> it's an honor. i've always said the greatest reward is to be remembered and i've always thanked the world golf hall of fame for remembering me. >> venturi grew up in san francisco and he overcame a stuttering problem as a kid to spend 35 years in the broadcasting booth. venturi of 82. the weather is going to work for us tomorrow for beta breakers, isn't it?
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